Lunch Special

I have a fairly full schedule with a waiting list for the weekly time slots from 4:00pm to close. However, the middle of the day right now has enough openings for me to run a "Lunch Special" for those able to come by for a half-hour lesson once a week Tuesdays thru Thursdays Noon to 2:30pm.

New students filling these time slots get a $20 a month discount. This is after the standard introductory deal of your first 3 lessons for $75 that I offer to everyone.

It works like this: Come in for 3 lessons for $75 to see if learning to play the guitar with me on the shore of Lake Union is for you. After that, "Lunch Special" lessons are $140 monthly (4 lessons per month), which is $20 off the standard tuition rate of $160 per month. The Lunch Special is good through the end of 2017.

This is a great deal for anyone whose schedule is flexible enough to come down here in the middle of the day. Fill out the form here and I'll let you know what times are open!